L&R Power-Up

L&R Power-Up EducationFree

Release date: 6 January 2017

Power up your English pronunciation of the “L” and “R” sounds with simple 5-minute lessons and reviews!

Reviews adjust themselves to your learning speed!

Try the initial lessons for free, enjoying full app functionality. If you like it, a one-time in-app purchase opens access to the full set of lessons — 154 words in total!

★ Hear Native Pronunciations ★
Professional pronunciation by a native speaker has been recorded for each word so your ear can get accustomed to and master the sounds.

★ Compare Against Your Voice! ★
You can record your own voice for each word and play it back to compare with the model pronunciation.

★ Learning Engine ★
The Daily Review uses an SRS (Spaced Repetition System) learning engine, which automatically sets a review schedule for each word. As your Daily Review results improve, the period of time until the next review is gradually made longer.

★ Make a Favorites List ★
Using the “My List” feature, you can easily bookmark any words you study so that you can review them again at any time.